Our History

Our history
inspires us to improve each day!


CICO is one of the oldest construction chemicals companies in India. Being deeply rooted in our strong values, we seek inspiration from our heritage. We have contributed to the evolution and advancement of the industry through our projects and our products. CICO believes that buildings and structures are of immense importance in nation building, and thus we strive to set new standards in modern architecture.

The Formation

nr guptaMr. N.R. Gupta, the founding father of Brand CICO, was driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and laid the foundation of our company in 1930. He was gripped by a desire to find a solution to the basic problems related to construction processes. Being a mining engineer in the early twentieth century, he realised the necessity of making the miner’s life easy and safe by providing chemical agents that could prevent leakage of water through the rock pores. Driven to work on this premise, he formulated special additives that could alter the properties of mortar and concrete. The initial success of his formulae spurred him to develop various specialty chemicals and systems which eventually went on to become benchmarks in the industry.

The Evolution

amit guptaOur legacy was further enriched by Mr. Amit Gupta who revived Brand CICO through CICO TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED with the successful introduction of a path breaking product – CICO Tapecrete. Mr. Gupta is singularly credited for making the CICO brand synonymous with the construction industry in India. He also pioneered the introduction of organised retail marketing of construction chemicals in the nation. CICO’s commitment to comprehensive solutions in construction translated into expanding the product basket to Protective & Anti-corrosive Coatings, Capsules for Anchoring/Bolting, Insulation Products, New-generation Sealants, Industrial Flooring and Specialty Adhesives.