Message from the CMD


Corporate leaders who have the good fortune of inheriting an industry brand leader also inherit an inbuilt challenge… How to stay ahead of the game. One needs to work harder to meet and exceed expectations of the market and the customers.

The fact that CICO’s products have found mention in civil engineering text books is ample testimony to the unshakeable belief that previous generations have always placed on our brand.

In a tough market it is the tough that gets going. We are set on reinventing ourselves as a brand for the future. After all, the construction industry is all about constructing the future, and our reason for being is to add the vital protection that makes tomorrow’s edifices withstand the test of time.

We have a new spirit running through the organization, enunciated by our new slogan, ‘Future-proofing what you build’. We are serious about living up to that statement ourselves, even as we exhort our customers and partners to do the same.

And for this we are embellishing our organisation with the best people we can find, inducting in robust processes, adding quality business partners, investing into the creation of new products, training applicators to use our products correctly, and listening intently to serve the market better. We are strengthening our market presence through branding and coming closer to trade partners in more areas.

The glorious heritage we are proud to possess will inspire us as we make new plans towards achieving newer milestones of success to keep CICO’s flag flying high in this industry.


Mrs. Anasuya Gupta

Chairperson & Managing Director