Vision, Mission
& Values

Future Proofing what you build



We add life to structures and thereby better the lives of people



To be valued as an essential part of successful constructions



To deliver excellent value contributions to all stakeholders sustainably through:

  • Specialized, high-quality range of products
  • Competitive technical knowhow
  • An innovative approach to problem-solving
  • A culture of nurturance, care and commitment

Core Values

Solid, Ethical, Nurturing, Enterprising, Passionate

  • Our Solidity comes from the deep heritage on which our institution is founded.
  • We are unflinchingly uncompromising on Ethics. Integrity is our watchword.
  • We believe in Nurturing human capital with care to make them long-term contributors. It is the same way that we nurture our relationships with employees, customers, applicators and our trade partners, and we take the same approach in nurturing the community we operate in.
  • We have pioneered this industry and therefore have been Enterprising, seeking to be on the forefront of quality of products and best practices in the game.
  • We bring to bear a burning Passion for success that manifests itself in our eagerness to grow Superheroes of our business