CICO reveals a new-look ‘CICO Tapecrete P151’

Jul 01, 2015

NEW Delhi, July 1, 2015: CICO Technologies Limited, known for pioneering the 85 year old CICO brand, today announced the launch of its newly packaged CICO Tapecrete P151 waterproofing product. Tapecrete in its new identity and packaging was launched in 8 primary locations across India – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Gujarat, Kolkata, Indore and Jaipur. The event was attended by many of CICO’s channel members to whom a presentation was made by company personnel on the ambitious plans to take the company’s star product to the next level in its market presence.

Staying true to its tagline “Pakka Kaam, Tapecrete hai Naam”, CICO Tapecrete P151 aims to occupy the position of a superhero in waterproofing, illustrated by a superhero mascot in CICO and Tapecrete colours, used in Tapecrete’s new marketing campaign, who acts as a reliable expert and guide for customers. Some of the key features of CICO Tapecrete P151 are:

CICO Tapecrete P151

To deliver excellent value contributions to all stakeholders sustainably through:

  • Tapecrete P151 is an acrylic polymer based cementitious coating which uses advanced technology
  • Easy to apply due to liquid application
  • Tapecrete symbolizes strength, waterproofing and longevity
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Combats the shortcomings of cement – particularly its poor adhesion properties, low impact strength, low flexural strength
  • Combines a tough, hard-wearing surface with waterproofing
  • Allows trapped vapours to escape thus preventing peeling and blister formation
  • Can be applied in uniform thickness to horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Develops excellent bond to most building materials
  • Reduces or prevents salt penetration into concrete
  • Is unaffected by ultraviolet light or by chemicals ranging from mild acids to strong alkalis
  • No-VOC – therefore can be used safely for green building constructions.

The new CICO Tapecrete P151 is available in 0.5Kg, 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 20 Kg, 50Kg, 100 Kg and 200 Kg HDPE plastic containers.

Commenting on the re-launch, Mr. Vindesh Pandita, General Manager – Distribution, CICO Technologies Limited said, “We are proud to present CICO Tapecrete P151 in its new and attractive packaging, reflecting our optimism and confidence about its popularity and market leadership. This pioneering product deserves the extra attention that will enable a larger band of customers to benefit from the superior value that Tapecrete has represented across decades.

CICO Tapecrete P151 is an acrylic polymer based cementitious coating, which uses advanced technology. It is easy to apply as a liquid. It can be mixed with cement to achieve Tapecrete slurry and applied by a nylon paintbrush on positive surfaces of concrete to make the latter waterproof. More importantly, Tapecrete is eco-friendly too, which is a highly advantageous distinguishing feature.