Waterproofing solutions for modern homes

Sep 23, 2015

Sukanta Mallik, Asst. Vice President, Business Development Group, CICO Technologies Limited

From the very early days of existence, man has constantly endeavored to make his shelter stronger and more durable – especially against continued exposure to fierce natural elements. Over the years, this shelter, which we now call our modern home, has seen the shift in building material usage – from the slate, mud and lime found in nature, to the most complex compounds developed through polymer science.

In a tropical country like India, where most parts experience abundant rainfall, the need for protecting our homes gets accentuated, but the ugly patches of damp walls, leaking ceilings and collapsing structures – quite commonplace these days – tells a grim story that something is not being done right.

While construction flaws can be of many types, the single flaw of improper waterproofing can lead to serious problems – not only in terms of the building’s shabby appearance, but also in causing deep-rooted structural damage leading to safety risks and discomfort for its inhabitants. Not to forget the enormous expense backlash in terms of damage control and repairs!

The irony is that on one hand we have the most efficient waterproofing products and solutions available, but on the other hand, as consumers, we don’t involve ourselves in ensuring that the best products, the most appropriate solutions, and the best masons are hired for the job. And all because we do not give waterproofing the attention that it deserves in our kind of climate and with today’s increasing complexities in construction.

Let us understand that while water is the most important ingredient for concrete and mortar, it is also the most harmful material if it enters into the structure. Due to this, cement loses its strength as water carries harmful chemicals such as chloride sulphates and different acids which attribute to the loss of strength of the concrete and mortar. Equally alarming is the fact that reinforcement bars and rods get corroded due to water– making the structures weak from within.

We at CICO Technologies understand your challenges and offer you our 80 years of experience in the construction chemical industry – to provide you solutions and support while constructing your home or any other concrete structure, such that it is waterproofed for life!

For a successful waterproofing solution of a RCC structure three basic things need to be kept in mind:

  • During the mixing of concrete, ensure the right density is achieved by using admixtures/ plasticizers which help in water reduction, and make the concrete dense through the use of integral water proofing compounds. Simply use concrete plasticizer CICO PLAST SUPER or our integral waterproofing compounds such as CICO NO.1, CICO SUPER, CICO ACRYL, etc.
  • See that construction joints and other joints/ gaps between the pipes and concrete are taken special care of by using epoxy bonding agents and other suitable construction chemicals as these are vulnerable sources which aid in water seepage into the concrete. Also, whenever PVC pipes are used in plumbing work, the gaps between the pipes and concrete must be sealed with suitable epoxy putty or epoxy mortar as otherwise they tend to de-bond over time if sealed with some cementitious mortar. We recommend using our bonding agentslike CICO BOND EPO or CICO LATEX.
  • 3. Most importantly, provide a water barrier at the positive side of structures, like foundations. For this we offer different types of liquid-applied membrane systems such as TAPECRETE P151, CORCHEM 206 I, AQUAPUR, TAPECRETE RTU, etc.In fact we call our flagship product CICO Tapecrete P151 the “Superhero of Waterproofing” because of its versatile usage on retaining walls in basements, and wet areas of the home like toilet/ balcony/ kitchen, terrace, overhead and underground tanks, swimming pools, podium slabs, etc. and its super-effectiveness.

All this may sound a little complicated, but the truth is that if you compromise on waterproofing your home the right way, you will end up spending much more in repairs with the added inconvenience of living discomfort and safety hazards.

At CICO we take special efforts to guide, train and certify masons in the correct use of our waterproofing products so that you can get your home waterproofed for life! If you wish to know more about our waterproofing solutions, or need help to find a CICO-certified mason, just write to us at with your contact details and we will immediately get back to you.

Remember that a stitch in time saves nine! So it’s never too late to waterproof your home correctly and earn peace of mind forever.

Brief profile of Sukanta Mallik: The author is a B.Tech in Civil engineering with 28 years of experience in construction industries, he is associated with CICO for over 19 years, and has been a part of several landmark projects undertaken by CICO.