Growth and Leadership


CICO offers stable career foundations, a broad spectrum of opportunities and new perspectives to its employees. We focus on long term career aspirations of our employees, providing them with both a platform and the launching pad to success. We want our employees to be professionally fulfilled through working on interesting projects and to be motivated through the possibility of making their own decisions and providing individual solutions.

Employees are our most important asset and we value them and their contribution in making CICO an established name in the construction chemical industry. Our ambition is to be the employer of choice and thus we ensure a friendly work atmosphere. We offer interesting and attractive development programs to sharpen managerial skills and provide expert career paths. Our INVESTMENT in increasing our personnel’s competences is just one of the key elements of the company’s HR policy.

Why Join Us

Working with CICO will provide you with the benefit of working with an organisation that is well positioned to capitalise on the emerging market opportunities. We have ambitious plans to grow, creating unlimited career growth opportunities for those who are committed, focused and sincere towards developing themselves. We ensure your success with the best-in-industry compensation and benefits.

Life at CICO is challenging, rewarding and exciting!
CICO provides:

  • Opportunities to excel
  • Motivation to perform
  • Environment to grow
  • Confidence to lead
  • Training to be an expert

CICO endeavours to create a workplace where one can successfully realise the immense possibilities in his/her career. At CICO, we have worked consciously at creating a work environment that is flexible, informal and supportive by means of which we achieve our goals together. We strive to define a career path for our employees that lead to an “Innovative Tomorrow”.

What we look for

CICO can prove as a landmark for your career if you:

  • Are dynamic and proactive, always ready to face new challenges
  • Are energetic and passionate about the work, result-oriented and keen on working according to high performance standards
  • Act responsibly and with integrity, respecting corporate values and principles
  • Are available to mobility, open to interact with local contents and able to successfully integrate with changing work scenario
  • Are able to manage complexity, providing contribution to the accomplishment of big size projects