CICO Surface Hardener


Surface HardenerIt is a specially manufactured metallic aggregate admixture with cement and stone/granite chips to provide the hardest surface to floorings and pavements which will remain wear-proof, and increase the abrasion resistance property.

CICO SURFACE HARDENER makes flooring and paving topping hard and dust proof. Suited for use in all types of industrial floors which are subjected to heavy traffic and load movement. It can withstand impact load. Prevents dampness or absorption of water and is easy to clean by washing.

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Its characteristics are:

  • Provides the hardest surface of floors and pavement, which will remain water/oil/grease-proof and wear resistant in the form of a hard topping layer
  • Recommended for flooring which is subjected to high abrasion due to the movement of steel wheels, heavy truck, fork lift or any other movement of heavy machineries
  • Minimizes surface cracking.

Pack size: 25kg bag