How Do We Do It Differently?

“Sustainable success built through collective wisdom"

Innovation and

We have always strived to create a niche for ourselves and never rest on our laurels. Constant innovation in our construction chemical product line-ups, belief in our core values and a customer-centric approach have been our hallmarks.

Because of our storied history and a strong reputation in the field, our products find mention even in the civil engineering textbooks.

to the Ground

The overarching philosophy at CICO is to help develop structures that stand the test of time. We do it by harnessing the best-in-class technology and manufacturing processes to come up with solutions that are safer and in keeping with the changing demands of the construction industry.

This has enabled us to develop efficient and high-quality products and systems that form the foundation of excellence.

As a company we are conscious of our responsibilities towards the environment and therefore has products and solutions that are sustainable and eco-friendly.


We have garnered accolades from around the world. The long list of awards includes

‘Excellence Award by the Institute of Economic Studies (IES)’ presented at the Economic Development Seminar in May 2015, ‘CIDC Vishwakarma Award’ in 2013 for being the ‘Best Professionally Managed Company’ in its category, ‘Global Golden Award for Quality & Business Prestige’ in 2009 at Berlin, Germany, and ‘International Star Quality Award’ given in 2006 by Business Initiative Directions (BID), in Madrid, Spain 2006, and many others.

But our greatest reward remains our wonderful team and our extraordinary clients and their testimonials.