What Do We Have In The Works?

"Constant innovation, reliable and iconic products”

and Adept

Our range of products are vast in each one of our categories. Whether it is water-proofing, concrete admixtures, grouting, industrial flooring, adhesives, sealants, repair compounds and several others.

CICO is proud to state that many of our products are not just leaders in their segments but brands in their own right. Here we look at some of the categories we are in and the products that have stood the test of time.


In coating, Tapecrete is on the top. When it is applied on the concrete, it makes it impossible for water to penetrate or even come into contact with the concrete surface. And it is long-lasting. It has anti-carbonation properties and is ‘vapour permeable.’ In other words, no cracking,  peeling or blistering.

Another one of our superstars in the coating category is Corchem 206 I and Hydroguard ACR which are specially made for roofs as they can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. It is also great for terrace gardens as it doesn’t allow water to penetrate the concrete.

Our integral products in waterproofing include Cico No 1 and Cico Super. These make the concrete itself waterproof. In the water-repellant section we have Sipel, which can be applied to vertical walls, and it
doesn’t change the look of the original surface.

Concrete Additives
and Admixtures

We have several products under the concrete aids category which are known for their properties to make the concreting process easy and sustainable like shuttering release agents, curing compounds etc. Our products reduce labour costs, the cleaning time and even minimize possible damages.

Our admixture products are known for their ability to improve the work ability of the concrete, saving cement without reducing the strength. These find extensive usage in mass concrete from basement and roof slabs for both residential and industrial buildings to mega structures like highways and dams.


Cico’s products in the emergency category include Cico 3 which is a fast-setting and plugging compound, used in cement mortar and concrete. In the specialized category are the epoxy and polymer range of products known for their low viscosity, excellent adhesion, chemical resistance, mechanical strength, aesthetics and finish.


Cico’s products in the grout category are used for anchoring of bolts and base plate grouting. Their features include controlled expansion to enhance the bond with the existing concrete and ensure required anchorage strength.

Our flooring products, on the other hand, are known for their abrasion-resistance properties. And these are used in the flooring of high abrasion environments like factory floors and areas that involve the movement of steel wheels, trucks, and other heavy vehicles.

Underground / Tunnel

Cico has a long list of products that are extensively used in underground and tunnel works. They are known for imparting the properties of adhesion to concrete so that it can be sprayed even on damp surfaces, speeding up the work. They also don’t corrode steel as they are free from harmful chemicals.

Our resin and cement capsule products are extensively used for rock bolting in mines, tunnels and emergency repair of dams, water tanks, installation of heavy machinery and in defense installations.