What Do We Do?

"Domain specialists with the right knowledge and expertise"


CICO is one of India’s largest and most trusted construction chemical companies. We manufacture a vast range of construction chemicals and protective coating solutions.

CICO’s waterproofing products not only increase the lifecycle of the buildings but also save money in the long run on costly repairs.

We first identify the waterproofing failures, determine the problem and provide customized solutions.


Whether it is a new construction project or refurbishment of an existing structure, CICO provides solutions for future-proofing not only India’s signature and heritage projects but also buildings that house the dreams and aspirations of commercial entities and individuals alike.

Our R&D capability has greatly enhanced our ability to continuously evolve our product basket. Not only have we built a robust captive pool of best-in-class research talent, we have also entered into alliances with leading companies across the world. This has resulted in the joint development of widely acclaimed products and process innovations.