How we began?

"History is who we are and the way we are"

founder of

CICO has been carrying on the legacy of its founding father, Mr. N.R. Gupta, a mining engineer, for more than 90 years. Mr. Gupta was gripped by a desire to find a solution to prevent leakage of water in the mines and safeguard miners’ lives. He formulated special additives that could alter the properties of mortar and concrete.

Thus began the journey of CICO.

The initial success was built upon by the next generation led by Mr S.R. Gupta who went on to develop various specialty chemicals and systems which went on to become benchmarks in the industry.


We have adhered to the vision of our founder and walked that path. CICO has lived through the freedom struggle, the birth of the nation, the trauma that followed, and later India’s rise as a modern country.

The company has always evolved with the changing needs and demands. With Mr. Amit Gupta taking over the reins came the revival of Brand CICO through CICO TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED. The biggest path-breaking product under this drive was CICO Tapecrete. Mr. Amit Gupta also pioneered retail marketing of construction chemicals opening new avenues.

As we move forward, we can know that Brand CICO will always stand for quality and uncompromising commitment to our customers.


Ms. Anasuya Gupta is the Chairperson & Managing Director of CICO Technologies Limited. She did her schooling from Loreto House, Calcutta and graduation with honours from St. Xavier’s College and also completed her B.Ed. from Loreto College, both from the University of Kolkata.

Over the years, Ms. Gupta not only grew the bottom line but also added to the top line through some meaningful initiatives. She instituted and is a trustee of the “Amit Gupta Foundation” which is currently focused on organ donation. She also has launched an “Organ Transplant Awareness Programme” to reach out to the families of organ-failure patients.

Ms. Gupta is a member of the Family Business Organization (FBO) initiated by CII as well as a member of CII, CFI and PHD. She is also a certified member of We-Connect International – The International Women Forum.

A keen sportsperson, she had also represented both her School and State level in basketball.

Ms. Gupta lives in New Delhi but is a citizen of the world.


Mr. Abhiroop Gupta is a Director of CICO Technologies Limited. He completed his BSc. in Economics from the University of St. Andrews, UK. His career started as a management consultant with EY in London where he advised various FTSE 100 clients and developed solutions on performance improvement matters.

Prior to joining CICO, Abhiroop completed his MBA from INSEAD. His current role as a fourth generation entrepreneur is to set a strategic direction to take brand CICO into its 100th year of existence.

An animal lover, Abhiroop spends his vacations either underwater at various dive sites or in the middle of tropical jungles across the globe.